National Accounts Sales Team

Our experienced national accounts team helps identify, qualify, convert and serve businesses in industries including, but not limited to, construction, medicine, education, training and relocation, that have a proven need for the Value Place brand. Companies that qualify for national account status have employees and contractors that stay across a minimal geographic area and provide a minimum amount of revenue to Value Place properties.

Brand Contribution contributed 26.7% of Brand Revenue in 2013

Strategic Digital Investment serves as an education and revenue portal. The site helps visitors understand the Value Place experience and allows them to review pricing and options and to book a reservation. In addition, Value Place has an eNewsletter for monthly communication with guests and has a substantial investment in paid advertising on the Google and Yahoo!/BING search engines. Finally, Value Place has a robust third-party review and booking portal (TripAdvisor, Expedia, Yelp, etc.) presence where the brand can interact with potential, current and past guests to manage and improve guest satisfaction. These tools garnered approximately $11M for the brand in 2013.


Telephone Reservations Center

Open 24 hours, our courteous representatives process reservation bookings and handle guest inquiries. We have an inclusive reservation tracking system that allows us to compare and brand ourselves against our competition, enhance our ability to listen to our customers and ensure that we are optimizing our guest service.

GDS Management

We use a sophisticated global distribution system which ensures our properties can be discovered by the widest variety of potential guests.

Our brand marketing team maintains dialogues with guests on a variety of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+/Places, Foursquare, Instagram, etc.) as part of their daily commitment to the brand. The platforms allow us a way to distribute information, recognize and respond to guest feedback and a way to better understand opportunities to improve the guest experience. Since implementing a formal social media "reputation" tracking program in mid-2013, the brand has seen a 32% rise in overall "affinity" for our brand.

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Local Marketing Support

By leveraging guest feedback through our review program and third party review portals we are able to enhance our brand voice and communication strategy while finding new ways to raise awareness for Value Place. We help individual property employees better position the guest experience while targeting guests who are likely to get the maximum benefit from our unique business proposition.

Guest Survey and Reporting Tools

Value Place distributes a comprehensive, annual survey to all current and former guests for completion. This helps our brand know who the guest is, why theyíre staying at Value Place and how they got there. It also helps keep communication open between our brand and guests.

Collateral Material

Value Place brand marketing provides marketing tools and resources to help drive revenue, build brand awareness and ensure consistency across all properties. These materials include:

  • Property posters and signage that provide a warm, upscale look and feel
  • A complete arsenal of collateral and marketing materials in a central, web-based library
  • E-mail templates, photography and wording suggestions for properties to initiate their own marketing campaigns
  • A forum for properties to dialogue with the brand marketing team to establish and extend best practices